When logged in to Office Protect, select Report in the left-hand menu. Validate the date range of events you wish to view and select the view wanted. 

You can view Unignored events only (the default view), Ignored events only, or Alevents (combining ignored and unignored events). 

How to ignore an event?

By default, all Microsoft 365 events display in the unignored view. If, after reviewing an event, you deem it non-threatening, you can choose to ignore it. Simply check the box to the left of the event(s) and click IGNORE


The event(s) now displays in the Ignored list, as will future identical instances.

Note: Ignored events under Report will also translate into not receiving these identical instances of events as Alerts emails and in the Digest emails. If you wish to receive these events in your Alerts and Digest, revert the event to the Unignored list. 

How to unignore an event?

An event can always be reset to the default view of Unignored. To do so, locate the event in the Ignored list, check the box to the left of the event(s) and click UNIGNORE. The event will go back to the unignored view and all further identical events will also be unignored in the future.


Note: Moving an ignored event back to the Unignored list will reset email notifications via Alerts and Digest for identical instances of the event(s).


How can I Ignore an event via the Email Alert?

When receiving an alert email, you can decide to ignore an event via the email itself. Below the event message is an Ignore Event button. 

Clicking on it applies the "Ignore" function for this specific instance of the event. By clicking Ignore Event, you will be redirected to a confirmation page in Office Protect that highlights the detail of the specific instance for which the ignore will be applied. 

Note: If you want to cancel this ignore action, go to the Report page, under the Ignored view, locate the event in question, select the check box to the left and click UNIGNORE. This will cancel the ignore operation. 



What is an identical instance of an event?

An identical instance refers to an event with all the same identifiers or criteria matching. Identifiers are the event-specific details such as the username, email, IP address, country, etc. that are within an alert. The ignore functionality will only apply when all the criteria of the event are a perfect match, if only 1 of the criteria is different the Ignore will not apply and a notification will be sent.

Does my ignored event(s) apply to all Office Protect users? 

Yes, if one user defines an event instance as to be ignored, this applies to all users tenant-wide. Same if an Ignored event is set to Unignored.

What are the conditions under which an event is ignored? 

See our article on the subject