Applicable to

All Office Protect accounts


If I cancel Office Protect, does my Microsoft 365 security revert to the default settings? 

No. If you decide that Office Protect is not right for you, your security will not revert to the default settings: your settings will remain as they were the last time Office Protect applied any changes. If you cancel your Office Protect service or remove our authorization on your Microsoft 365 tenant, you will need to make any future security setting changes directly in Microsoft 365. 

Can I remove Office Protect from my Microsoft 365 tenant before completing the cancelation process? 

Yes. You simply need to log in to Microsoft 365 and delete the Office Protect Application within your Azure Active Directory

Can older security settings be recovered/restored in Office Protect? 

When you ask Office Protect to adjust your security settings in Microsoft 365, the process overrides your current settings. Office Protect does not create a backup of your settings prior to applying its own.


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